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Aluminium french doors

Aluminium french doors are the most standard aluminium door type, hinged onto the door jamb and opening inwards or outwards.  The door can be single or double.

Our aluminium french doors are fitted with top quality hardware ensuring easy maintenance and effortless operation.

Features of the aluminium french doors

  • Turns any room into a light filled oasis
  • The ideal way to link your internal and external entertainment areas
  • Has a series of between 2 to 7 doors, hinged so they fold onto themselves
  • Opens up patio spaces completely
  • Doors fold up and slide away
  • Smooth-gliding movement
  • Durable rollers, handles, hinges etc.
  • Weatherproofed with quality vinyl seals and woodpile
  • Keyed lock for added security
  • AAAMSA and SABS approved
  • Available in a range of finishes

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